Trump Does Nothing To Prevent the Economic Collapse –

That’s because he didn’t end the H-1B industrial spy program as a source of cheap labor, as promised, and India and China continue to loot our economy into the ground.

Has Mastech Digital even been raided by ICE and DHS yet?

Their website clearly states their goal and process is to move jobs out of the US and back to India.

“Third, end the replacement of our engineers and other educated jobs with foreign workers. To do this we need to change the number of H-1B visas allowed for issue and renewal from 350,000 to 10,000. Yes, there is a need for some mobility of workers, but NOT FIVE MILLION OF THEM. Unfortunately so many are now here on green cards – over one million, that they have permanently taken over 25% of all technology jobs.

Until fixed, our DEBT keeps going up because we have a system that costs more than we can afford. Trump has done nothing”.

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