Wipro to outshine previous performance: Azim Premji

Failure loot-shop Wipro, and its criminal defamer of US tech workers – Azim Premji – are confident they can continue to con gullibile western companies into signing up for more faking fraud H-1B workers with fake degrees so Wipro can loot out more US companies and send the jobs and $ back to India.

It’s all part of the grand India Inc congame and “die for dollars” mentality of the Indian business elite.

Mr. Premji once went on MSNBC TV defaming US tech workers by saying “America does not have the talent” – when it was Americans who built Silicon Valley.

It is India which does not have the talent – given the fact that the tech geniuses from India cannot build even one Apple or Microsoft of their own.

Wipro and its thieving conment have left a trail of destruction in their wake including at World Bank, which banned them, National Grid, which sued them for $75 million, and Lehman, which they destroyed in the 2008 Wall St collapse.

Mr. Premji is such a criminal conman, he should be arrested by DHS next time he steps foot in America.

“Indian business” is really all just about looting other nations.

Will DHS do its job this time?


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