Bombshell: ‘India Has More than 630,000 Illegals in the United States’ – Breitbart

That’s right. USA is finally waking up to the 100,000’s if not millions of Y2K visa overstayers who were never supposed to stay in the US long-term, but are still here, and who now occupy Silicon Valley and our best tech jobs.

These people came in 1998-2001, and were supposed to be temporary guest workers for Y2K, and then leave.

But now they have taken over our best tech companies created by Americans, and are demanding green cards.

And they are working with Mexico to exploit the Mexican-US border as a conduit for invasion.

This is invasion and takeover, not “immigration”.

“Two Indians have been sent to jail for just three years after smuggling hundreds of Indians into the United States.

Hema Patel, 51, worked with Mexican coyotes and charged $28,000 to $60,000 to bring individuals across the Canadian and Mexican borders. When the illegals were caught, she also used her Texas bail-bonds business to spring her clients from detention, according to an ICE press release”.

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