Comey FBI Willfully Ignored “Highly Classified” Hillary Clinton Emails; Barr Radio Silent

The Clintons, who were the traitors who gave most of our industry away to India + China in the 1990’s apparently commited treason. And the FBI, under James Comey, willfully ignored that treason and the classified emails the Clintons passed to communist China.

Hillary had her own private email server with direct links to the Chinese gov’t so that the US gov’t could not monitor those communications when she was Secretary of State.

Why has Hillary Clinton not been arrested and tried for treason yet?

“President Obama’s FBI, ran by disgraced former director James Comey, knew about – but purposefully ignored – “highly classified” evidence in the Hillary Clinton email investigation before they downgraded their initial assessment of her crime from a felony to a “grossly negligent” mistake. 

As The Hill‘s John Solomon reports, a Senate staff memo updating an ongoing inquiry by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reveals that the FBI decided to back off their pursuit of this damning evidence “even though the agents believed access to the sensitive evidence was “necessary” to complete the investigation,” writes Solomon”. 

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