Indian IT fears impact as US moves on new H-1B process

Why are the tech geniuses of India so dependent on the US for success?

Why aren’t they able to create a self-sustaining tech ecosystem and economy?

They can’t be all that smart if they need to live off US companies built by Americans.

“PUNE: The US has moved a step closer to changing how the H-1B visa issuance process is carried out from next year that would impact Indian IT services firms.

Last week, the Office of Management and Budget said it has completed a review of a proposed regulation from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that would mandate employers to register without paying the H-1B visa fees of those employees who they intend to sponsor for H-1B visa permit”.

In reality what the India Inc mafia fear is transparency: the new rules would also require all Indian IT companies to reveal both the names + demographics of their workers, as well as which companies they are placed at and for how long – something the Indian Mafia cannot tolerate since it would reveal their 98% Indian workforce violates Title 8, EEOC rules, and the Civil Rights Act.

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