All American IT workers should have formed unions long ago.

Big tech is supressing wages – a federal crime – and has lowered salaries in the tech industry since 1998. Wages for engineers in big tech are now just below 1/2 what they were 20 years ago.

That’s illegal.

Only by unionizing can tech workers get back their just wages taken in the form of obscene profits by the biggest of the big tech companies in America.

Oddly enough, it was HCL America who pushed $9/hr engineers into Boeing, which has nearly destroyed the company.

“Employees of HCL America Inc., who do contract work for Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) at the latter company’s Bakery Square office, have asked the National Labor Relations Board for a vote on representation by the Pittsburgh Association of Technical Professionals.

The PATP is a project sponsored by the United Steelworkers union to help local workers in high-tech fields organize and bargain collectively”.