Talk about racist and protectionist.

These savages are even targetting disabled people.

Why not just decree eugenics like Hitler did, India?

What a bunch of hypocrites.

“6% of Assam’s population are on the brink of statelessness. Their fate lies in the hands of unskilled and often biased “Foreigners Tribunals”, with the threat of detention and attempted deportation looming large.

If the Netherlands undertook a similar exercise, this level of exclusion would equate to all residents of Amsterdam – and then some. If India proceeds, as threatened, to extend the exercise nation-wide, a 6% “fail rate” would jeopardise the futures of 80 million people. And exclusion is not a question of random bad luck – the bureaucratic formula and its arbitrary implementation targets ethno-religious minorities, undocumented women, the disabled and other marginalised groups”.