The face of what’s really wrong with America.

No wonder so many US companies are gone.

The Indian mafia is here to rob and plunder us, not help the US.

Worse, they now infest and occupy our best companies.

Yeah, you better look worried, pal.

It has only been a few months since Goldman opened its office in India. It sure didn’t take the Indian Mafia looters long to commence their operations.

Wonder what the SEC thinks of globalization now.

“A senior Goldman Sachs executive working at the Bengaluru office in India was arrested earlier this week for stealing $5.3 million from the firm to pay down his gambling debts, reported Business Today.

Ashwani Jhunjhunwala, 36, the firm’s vice president, was arrested and will arrive in court in the near term, deputy commissioner of police MN Anucheth told the news agency”.

Goldman Sachs opens $250-million Bengaluru office; No 3 globally