Whenever you hear an India Inc name, and the words “innovation center” or “innovation hub”, know you’re being conned.

These people and companies have never innovated anything. Silicon Valley was built by Americans, not India Incs, and these people are here to loot us.

What is actually going on is they open an “innovation center” (cheap labor center, remittance center, trade secret theft center), kick all the American workers out of local jobs, move more illegal H-1B workers in, take over, and move the jobs back to India.

India Incs are nothing more than loot shops here to rob us. These people have been operating in the US for more than 20 years and not one single big new tech company similar to Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc has been created by them.

Why not?

They’ll hire 1000 workers alright – 1000 more job robbing H-1Bs brought in to drive more Americans out of jobs.

We’re being conned.


Infosys has opened a technology and innovation centre in Arizona, making it the sixth such centre in the United States (US). The new centre will focus on autonomous technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), full-stack engineering, data science and cyber security.

“We plan to hire 1,000 American workers in the state by 2023. As announced earlier, we have already surpassed the target of hiring 10,000 American workers as part of our ongoing efforts to accelerate the pace of innovation for American enterprises,” Infosys said in a statement”.

When he says “10,000 American workers” he really means 10,000 Indian-American workers who came in on temporary Y2K H-1B visas and never left, and are now citizens.

Walk into any InfoSys office and you will find 98% Indian nationals – now American citizens or not.

Why are foreign companies allowed to monopolize our visa systems, Mr. Trump?