Just goes to show how real the Great Replacement is, and how other races are determined to elimite white people forever.

Will white people continue to bury their heads in the sand, or will they wake up in time?

Given that Google CEO + unregistered foreign agent Sundar Pichai is a Stanford grad, it’s not surprising.

Our country is being taken from us + no one is going to stop them. Trump was hired by the American people to, but instead he’s now helping them.

Anyone who refuses to admit we are in a race war is a naive fool.

These people are here to take everything + conquer us.

And religious oppression has come to the USA.


“Stanford University has now officially wiped itself clean of any major references to California Mission system founder Father Junipero Serra, reasoning that the historic mission system “inflicted great harm and violence.”

Except if white Christian males had not civilized and settled CA and the US, Google wouldn’t exist, Silicon Valley wouldn’t exist, Sundar Pichai would be selling vegetables on a sidewalk in Mumbai, and tens of millions of noj-white invaders would not have America’s best tech jobs – all created courtesy of those evil white people who supposedly “inflicted great harm”.

What the globalists won’t tell you of course is the “Savages of North America” as Ben Franklin called them were slaughtering each other in tribal wars for centuries before white civilization ever arrived.

Without the demonized Christian missionaries and their bringing civilization to the world, the entire world would still be in the stone ages.

Talk about ingrates.

The mass armies of thieves who have broken into America want real white history erased because if it is allowed to remain, it documents the invaders’ theft + mass looting of our country. They have to cover up their crimes on the American people by erasing America itself.