The Indian Mafia will not allow any state to be majority white – like AZ still is. They will get their puppets into state gov’t, change immigration enforcement, move in, and take over.

“Indian-American candidate” is a racist term, You’re either American or you’re not. If not, you shouldn’t even be let into America.

“In 2017, the U.S. issued roughly 180,000 H-1B Visas.  Assuming that each of those visa-holders brought over a wife and two children and 90% of those Visas came from India, this would mean an addition of roughly 6.5 million new Indian residents over the next decade.  This would more than triple the Indian population in the U.S. even before chain migration kicked in”.

Does that sound like the alleged H-1B cap of “65,000” to you? And that doesn’t even include L-1 visas which have no limit and aren’t even tracked by the US gov’t. 6.5 million is an invasion force the size of a large army. Every year. This is invasion + takeover, not immigration.