Which is exactly what the Indian Invasion Force wants – not to merely emigrate and “contribute to the US economy” – but rather conquest and unlimited invasion.

We have to stop S.386 or our country is lost.

No, this bill is not “fair” – it is totally racist in favor of 2 countries – India + China.

Why do we even allow foreign nations and foreign lobbies such as NASSCOM, USIN=PAC, rhcusa.com and others to shape our immigration laws. Should only immigrants get a say in a nation’s immigration laws. That’s totally unfair.


“The primary benefactors of this removal are the Indian tech workers who have been brought over to this nation and face a backlog due to this cap as well as the workers in India who seek to come to the U.S. It is estimated that once this legislation goes into effect, India will receive more than 90% of these visas for the next decade. The legislation also increases the per-country cap on family-based immigrant visas from 7% to 15%.

As if this were not enough, the legislation also alters the number of EB-5 investment visas that a nation can purchase — opening the door to mass migration from China”.

Indian tech workers? They mean Y2K visa overstayers, don’t they?

How did a limited US program like H-1B become a mass invasion program for India? Not only does S.386 need to be stopped, but we need to end H-1B or else America will be overrun.

“In 2017, the U.S. issued roughly 180,000 H-1B Visas. Assuming that each of those visa-holders brought over a wife and two children and 90% of those Visas came from India, this would mean an addition of roughly 6.5 million new Indian residents over the next decade.  This would more than triple the Indian population in the U.S. even before chain migration kicked in”.

Does that sound like the alleged H-1B cap of “65,000” to you? And that doesn’t even include L-1 visas which have no limit and aren’t even tracked by the US gov’t. 6.5 million is an invasion force the size of a large army. Every year. This is invasion + takeover, not immigration.