UT Senator Mike Lee is selling out the US to India.

Foreign lobbying should be completely outlawed – maybe even punishable by death, since in reality, it is treason.

Where is the US investigation into Sen. Mike Lee and where he gets his $ from?

We can just about guarantee you it’s from a foreign power – India.

Why aren’t Nancy Pelosi + Adam Schiff pointing out Mr. Lee’s collusion with foreign powers?


This is an outrage.

Call, email, and write your Senators now and tell them NO no S.386.

We need to stop the Indian Mafia controlling our government.

Immigration Voice needs to be shut down under RICO and FARA laws now, since in reality they are corrupt, and foreign agents.

Immigration Voice is even telling its members to call and influence Mr. Lee on S.386. More fake sob stories about how Indians are dying because they can’t get their million green cards they are never supposed to get.

After all, they were all supposed to go home in 2003 when Y2K ended.

So why are they still here?

What kind of country allows TEMPORARY GUEST WORKERS and Y2K VISA OVERSTAYERS to manipulate its gov’t?

Traitor Senator Mike Lee being mobbed by the Indian Mafia.