Apparently InfoSys has been misleading investors, and many of them lost their shirts on the song + dance loot shop.

Now a class action has been filed by investors on the organized crime syndicate.

It’s about time some justice be delivered to these thieves.

Wonder of Ned Lamont invested in them too?

How much loot would looters loot, if looters could loot loot?
New India Office Will Fuel Foreign Investment in North ...

InfoSys prime conman, Ravi Kumar has the ability to charm and con just about every dumb pol in America. When you hear “innovation hub” coming from Kumar’s mouth, hold on to your wallets – and your state grants.

“Indians are a slippery, treacherous people”, said the late US President Richard Nixon.

“Yes, but there’s free money in America”.

“Oh dear, we’re being found out”.

“Crap! The jig is up. After 20 years those dumb Americans finally figured it out”.