Immigration: India Invades America

A real eye-opener. India is not our “ally”. They are cunning deceivers.

Their real goal is to murder all white Americans.

Because they cannot compete with us – and because they are a nation of failed losers – and always will be.

India is a dangerous and violent nation.

We are in a race war.

And we are importing tens of millions of them to take over our best tech jobs.

This is a Nazi cancer we are facing – in our own country.

Wake up, America.

The war on white America rages on……

“An ex-Army intelligence officer recently said, “We are under attack. And it’s not just Mexico. It’s all Central and South American countries. It’s India. It’s China. It’s most of the non-European world. And if we do not fight back soon, America will be a third-world sewer within 30 years!

America is currently being invaded from all corners of the world. Mexico. China. Africa. India. They all are invading and carving out their enclaves. And you know what? They are backed by big business and the American government

and the Indians would openly speak of “exterminating the European race.” Was any of this reported in the mainstream media? Of course not. Did any of these people serve jail time? Of course not. In essence, because of H-1B provisions, they have more rights than American citizens. Nor is this incident isolated.

And you know what? GW Bush and Condoleezza Rice just gave these people more nuclear technology.”.

The Indian Mafia

White genocide invasion army violates EEOC and Civil Rights laws.

“White man makes glowing box which makes money”.

Shit, we’ve been found out!

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