100% Indians for green cards is not “equal to any other human being”

Racist RICO unregistered foreign agent shop Immigration Voice loves to throw around terms such as “equal to any other human being”, when in fact S.386 would give close to a million green cards to Indians, and exclude people from all other countries except China for up to 6 years.

That’s not “fair and equal”. IV throws words like equality and “equal” around when in fact they seek total dominace for Indians only.

Don’t be fooled again – call Congress and stop the racist India-only S.386 bill now.

Indian Y2K visa overstayers all need to be deported now.

Foreign powers now control our gov’t.

Not “equal to any other human being”. Totally Nazi racist.

Racist India-only Nazis. Stop your war on white America and you will no longer be hated.

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