Aside: Harvard Guest Speaker: Charity Is Used by the Rich to Cover for ‘Injustice’ | Breitbart

That’s right. Just like the Chamber of Commerce racket, it’s all “LOOK! OVER THERE!”.

Billionaires, millionaires, biz execs, their Chamber of Commerce wage-fixing lapdogs, and the rest of the elites are all engaging in wage-fixing, collusion, market manipulation + other crimes, but no one ever gets caught or goes to prison.

To cover up their crimes, the elites use small token charities to make it look like they’re good people.

All the while doing all kinds of backdoor deals to further their biz interests, and keep the slave workers in line.

The city councils and mayors scratch the backs of local biz, which scratches the back of the Chamber of Commerce, which makes sure the biz agenda keeps going, and the slaves get tents and a can of beans. If anyone points out their crimes, they just hire a PR agency, throw some big charity event, and everything goes back to biz as usual.

Busines is really the biggest organized crime in America today.

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