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India Economy Falls into Chaos – Dollar Rise in Huge ...

It’s that time again – time to prop up America’s fake failed socialist econ.

Just ike the mass cash printing after the 2008 collapse, and the 2002 Greenspan cheap labor-triggered collapse, the Fed has to keep pumping cash into the US econ.


Well, the tens of millions of foreign H-1B workers in the US remit all their cash back to India and China hand over fist while Americans get tents and a can of beans on the sidewalk.

Not to mention India Incs siphoning billions more in profits out of the US econ and moving the $ back to India.

This giant cash siphoning sucks the money out of the US economy forever.

The only way to replace it is for the Fed to print tons of cash and dump it into the econ periodically.

That causes inflation (which the Fed says doesnt exist).

It also raises the Federal debt since all dollars printed are borrowed from the Federal Reserve Banking Corporation of New York – a private bank.

That car or house you just paid a massive premium for used to be cheap in America. In 1955 you could buy a 3-bedroom house in America for $8,000. Now a new car costs 2X-3X that much – minimum.

It’s not by accident.

Until the trade decificts, remittances, looting, industrial theft, siphoning, and job theft is ended, the Fed will be forced to pump more and more cash.

And prices will continue to rise – as wages continue to be suppressed.


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