Pro-S.386 Indians call and defame opponents’ employers + use fake Twitter for retweets

As with Desi Immigration News there is nothing these manipulative conmen from India won’t do to manipulate our gov’t.

As usual, mass crime, defamation, collusion, conspiracy, and other illegal criminal activity.

As usual, they target the jobs of any American who opposes them – inclduing the use of criminal defamation and lies to get them fired.

When you can’t win on data + arguments, just manipulate.

It’s how India rolls.

If they were hardworking, the US econ would not be collapsing, the Fed would not have to pump $500 billion into the econ due to their billions in remittances out of America, and we wouldn’t have Americans living on streets in tents eating a can of beans a day.

If they were hardworking, the US would be booming like it was in the 1990’s before the Indian mafia arrived in the US.

Before the 1998-2001 India Inc invasion and takeover of America, there was no homeless problem in America.

If they were hardworking the US would not be $22 trillion in debt, thanks to their driving down wages which destroys the tax base.

If they were hard working, 50% of the Fortune 500 would not have disappeared in the past 20 years thanks to their looting + destruction.

If they were hardworking, Lehman and Sun Microsystems would not have been destroyed by their fails.

The Indian mafia is clearly running scared + frustrated that their takeover agenda in the US doesn’t work anymore.

Too bad for them.

Even with their crime they can’t win.

If you want a social media account to monitor, Trump, @thehildingur is it.

He’s so hard working, he has time to watch Charlie Sheen on TV.

BTW – the cowboy hat looks really dumb on a fake Indian.

Wonder what American’s resume he stole to get a job in America?

US Tech Workers reports:

We would also like to remind the FTC and FBI that there are Federal laws against using any telecom equipment – including the internet – for any crime whatsoever.

FBI are you going to do your job or not?

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