So now we have the cheap-labor wage-fixing criminals giving The Windbag advice.

Whatever happened to the American Worker Council? Not even one meeting with American workers has been held.

It’s always only about Business interests. Business interests, BUSINESS INTERESTS.

This criminal wage-fixing has to stop – it’s illegal under US law, and most corporations and India Inc outsourcers are now engaging in it.

Time to FULLY boycott all the companies mentioned, folks.

Need a tractor? Don’t buy a CAT, but a Komatsu. Drive CAT under.

Drive them under.

WASHINGTON, Feb 22 (Reuters) – President Donald Trump, who has vowed to stop U.S. manufacturing from disappearing overseas, will seek job-creation advice on Thursday from at least five companies that are laying off thousands of workers as they shift production abroad.

Caterpillar Inc, United Technologies Corp, Dana Inc, 3M Co. and General Electric Co, are offshoring work to Mexico, China, India and other countries, according to a Reuters review of U.S. Labor Department records.