Boeing Admits Air Canada 787 Documents Were Falsified

Boeing is full of criminals now – mainly due to corruption brought in by Indian criminal cheap labor shop HCL.

HCL brought in $9/hr fake Indian engineers to work on the 787 and 737.

In fact, years back the FAA banned HCL from ever working on the 787 proj again.

When you import people from the world’s most criminal nation – India – you bring that corruption to your country too.

Boeing can no longer even make a plane that is reliable for a year.

These planes used to last 20 years when Americans designed them.

Boeing will disappear due to this – just as the Indian Mafia killed Sun Microsystems in the late 1990’s and Lehman in the mid-2000’s.

Yet our dumb gov’t wants to know why 1/2 of all Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 1998.

Keep drinking the India Inc better, faster, cheaper Kool-Aid Corporate America!

Have at it.

Uniquely criminal.

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