HCL goes cheap labor PR damage mode

Arthur Filip – VP of Damage Control @ HCL

Job robber HCL‘s illegal use of below-revailing wage $9/hr Indian engineers is all over the net by now.

Federal crimes.

They’re breaking Federal law and they know it.

Now they are crying innocence.

It’s typical Indian – when they are caught red-handed doing crime: “LOOK! OVER THERE!” (usually with a head bobble).

You’re guilty HCL and you know it.

Bringing in substandard illegal workers to destroy our best companies and kill people on our planes which once worked flawlessly, but are now deathtraps thanks to delusional, incompetent fake Indian engineers.

The CEO of HCL should be arrested and put in prison immediately.

The brazen nerve + lies of these execs is unbelievable.

We don’t need you “reimagining” our companies and airplanes into the ground with people aboard.

Why has HCL not been added to the list of companies banned from using the H-1B visa?

When are you going to clean up this corruption and crime, Mr. Trump?

When are you going to enforce H-1B laws?


Arthur Filip, executive vice president of sales transformation & marketing, spoke about the strong design and engineering inputs HCL is providing to its clients. “70% of the circuitry and the processors under the glass of Samsung smart TV are engineered by HCL,” he said. “Similarly, HCL has contributed to the designing of not just the electronics but also the fuselage of the new Boeing 787.”

Except for one little problem Mr. Filipthe FAA banned your company from ever working on the 787 proj again – because when it inspected your work on the 787’s ES, it was found to be unsafe for flight.


Not exactly “strong” now is it?

In 2013 all 787s were grounded due to safety issues.

HCL is in mega damage control mode due to the 737 MAX scandal. They were caught red-handed using illegal cheap labor and they know it. These people are wage-fixing criminals.

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime, Mr. Filip.

Stop the PR fake lies, Mr. Filip. We all know you and your company are in violation of Federal H-1B and labor laws.

Why have you too not been sent to prison?

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