Nobody is out after latest meeting to resolve Azar-Verma feud

As usual, India has brought its childish bickering mentality to America.

Why do we even allow these foreign agents to exist in our gov’t?

“WASHINGTON – Bitter infighting among President Donald Trump’s top health officials – which reached a fever pitch this week – is undermining the administration’s efforts to take major regulatory action on lowering drug prices and other health-care issues.

White House officials are frantically trying to resolve the fractured relationship between Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Seema Verma, head of the agency’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. But it’s not clear they’ll succeed.

Verma and Azar’s feuding has recently become public, alongside multiple damaging leaks about Verma’s use of contractors to boost her profile at a cost of nearly $3 million to taxpayers and an attempt to recoup $47,000 from the government for jewelry and clothing stolen on a work trip, stories that were first reported by Politico”.

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