US Congressman supports NDAA amendment to include India in NATO

This is insanity – the invasion + takeover of NATO too by India.

India is not our ally. They are a socialist enemy.

We have communists in our Congress, and right now, they are winning.

You had better wake up America, and fast.

Our leaders are delusional.

Given that Indians want to genocide white people so much, in a real world war, India will turn on America, and along with China, exterminate the white race. The US would never be able to stop such a combined vast force of 3.5 billion people.

Not only that, but now we’re actually selling our top defense weapons to our enemy.

And training them.

Doesn’t sound like “non-proliferation to us”.


India’s grand deception of America continues…

As a footnote, the congressman in question is Jewish. and the son of Russian Jewish immigrants.

India is an ally of Russia.

Israel is playing our enemies off against us.

Why do we allow foreign powers to control us?

“Our defence ties with India is growing. We conduct more joint exercises with India than any other country. We are of course selling more defense items to India,” said Congressman Brad Sherman, the outgoing Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Sub committee on Asia Pacific, the Pacific, and Non-Proliferation.

In his address to an event on Thursday at the US Capitol to celebrate Hanukah, Congressman Sherman told the select audience of influential Indian-Americans and members of the Jews…

Such a move, being pushed by a group of Indian-Americans led by US India Security Council, would bring India at par with NATO countries in terms of defence trade and technological transfers”.

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