US roles with fat pay cheques increase at IITs

Indians continue to salivate over US tech jobs like dogs at a dinner table full of steak.

It’s the dollar remittances they want – worth a king’s ransom in India.

That + the prestige of working at a great American tech company built by Americans.

They’re also looting Japan now.

Indians cannot live without robbing jobs created by other countries.

If they are so smart why do they lust after jobs in other countries so much?

Doesn’t look like any reducton in the H-1B program to us.

Isn’t that right Mr. Trump?

“KOLKATA|NEW DELHI: International offers, led by a sharp spike in US-based roles, are likely to surge at the Indian Institutes of Technology, based on initial trends, as the older IITs kicked off placements on Sunday.

This season, US offers have made a big comeback after a lull of several years, with the likes of Microsoft, Uber, Salesforce, Cohesity, BNY Mellon, PayPal and Clumio offering lucrative jobs to the Class of 2020’s brightest”.

100% Indians

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