Visa fraud: Indian citizens recruited for feds’ fake school

Yep. That’s right.

Don’t play all innocent with us.

We all know your invasion + takeover strategies.

Fake degrees.

Fake work visas.




The Feds’ sting was brilliant – since these conmen from the worst country on earth all gravitate towards corruption and crime, they naturally gravitated to the fake school.

The Feds knew they had to set up a fake school – to attract Indians like roaches to a roach motel.

It worked.

The 3rd world conmen were caught red-handed.

Indians will do anything to get fake degrees and file for fake H-1Bs to rob tech jobs from Americans.

No wonder our companies collapse once they take them over.

These fake schools run by Indian Mafia exist all over Silicon Valley.

DHS + ICE need to raid them all next.

“Six Indian citizens pleaded guilty to a visa-fraud conspiracy after a federal government fake-university sting that ensnared hundreds of foreign students, according to government officials who have declined to say what happened to “millions of dollars in tuition money” that students were said to have paid.

The six men recruited students to the “University of Farmington” in Michigan, which was set up by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and staffed with undercover agents, court documents said.

While ‘enrolled’ at the university, 100 percent of the foreign citizen students never spent a single second in a classroom,” the government said in a court filing. “The university … had no teachers, classes, or educational services“.

We’re not importing the best and brightest – we’re importing tens of millions of conmen while all the skilled Americans who built our best tech companies are being sent to tents in the streets.

Total national suicide.

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