Your hard disk drive may have been designed in India

Let’s hope not.

Just like with the 737 disasters, expect hard drives to start failing worldwide.

What the headline really means is: taken over by India.

India has proven it cannot even keep working systems built by others going – let alone design anything itself.

India just steals tech + biz from others, takes them over, then claims they are the geniuses.

What a bunch of frauds.

“For Western Digital, India has emerged as an important engineering centre, with several products in the hard disk drive and flash drive segments entirely designed and developed here by the data storage solutions firm”.

What a pack of lies.

Americans in America designed and invented hard disk drives. Not Indians.

If there is one thing other than propaganda India is good at – it’s taking credit for other peoples’ work.

India has an image problem – and taking over others’ work is how it is trying to solve it.

The article if full of other lies – the world’s first 1TB microSD card was developed in the US at Micron – a company known to be full of H-1B industrial spies from India + China.

Move in, take over, loot, take credit.

It’s how India rolls.

Most Indians believe India created nuclear power and spaceflight too.

Delusional, as always.

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