If they are short term workers then why have a million of them filed for green cards and mob US senators demanding our laws be changed against our will?


Flexera, which received three short-term H-1B approvals earlier this year, sued the USCIS in September in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas under the Administrative Procedure Act. In each, it requested the visa for three years but was approved for just a handful of months—one as short as three months.

The practice violates the agency’s own regulations, and Flexera is owed an explanation for what’s essentially a denial of its H-1B petitions for the remaining months it sought, the company says”.

Well looters, you’re violating plenty of US laws + agency rules yourselves. You were supposed to be temporary guest workers. So how did you get to stay in the US long term, start your own fake staffing companies, bring in more illegals on H-1Bs who don’t posses the skills claimed, and then illegally train them?


How is it millions of you illegally lobby the US gov’t to change US laws when you aren’t even citizens or even permanent residents?

That’s foreign collusion and it’s illegal under US law.

You want to scream illegal and sue when something doesn’t benefit you – all the while violating numerous US laws upside down and backwards.

Can’t have it both ways, Indian Mafia.

“Kishore Khandavalli and Deepali Khadakban, IT business executives and members of the trade association ITServe Alliance, say they’re struggling with the fallout.

“We’re losing business to offshore companies,” said Khandavalli, founder and chief executive officer of SevenTablets and iTech US. Businesses hate uncertainty, and the inability to guarantee that a worker can remain on a project for more than a few months is driving clients to competitors in other countries who can make that promise, he said”.

What about the tens of milllions of Americans who built Silicon Valley only to have lost their jobs, business, homes, and cars due to your illegal activites and H-1B fraud?

You can’t have it both ways. You target Americans for removal, you lose business. The concept is generally known as Karma.

ITServe Alliance, BTW, is a racist 100% Indian Mafia lobbying group. No members other than mob lawyer Patrick Papalia exist in ITServe Alliance who are not Indian. Racist and bigotted.

Why is the ITServe Alliance 100% Indians? Answer: they’re not an alliance, they’re a mafia. Racist, bigotted, and violating US immigration laws.

Then come the sob stories again:

“We want to keep innovating, and that should happen in America,” said Khadakban, founder and CEO of Precision Technologies Inc. But with some 500,000 open IT jobs and a tech unemployment rate of less than 2%, the needed talent isn’t available from the domestic labor pool, she said. “The work is going to go where the talent is.”

Rather, it is India which does not have the talent.

In some cases, frustrated H-1B workers and their employers have simply given up.

“We sent an employee to Toronto just last week because he wasn’t able to get an H-1B extension,” Khandavalli said. Khadakban has had four or five employees leave the U.S. for Canada as well”.

Let’s check in on Canada’s econ, shall we, now that the looters have fled there. Let’s see how it’s doing:



As for a labor shortage, it’s all India Inc propaganda. It has even been refuted by the GAO and MIT – the #1 tech school in the world. If you count the tens of millions of American tech workers, defamed by the Indian Mafia likes of Khadakban, who have been driven out of their tech jobs, the rate is 90%, not 2%. Temporary guest workers move in, defame American workers, drive them out of the workforce, then manipulate the H-1B visa program to their benefit.

Not really so temporary. In fact, total takeover.

Americans built Silicon Valley, not immigrants.

The Indian Mafia knows full well it is illegal to even import people on H-1B if Americans are available for work.

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It’s always the Indian Mafia businessmen in suits are are screaming about labor shortages. It’s all a lie. Without shortage shouting, they are not legally allowed to flood more H-1Bs in and they know it.

Arrest Mike Lee for treason and foreign collusion now.