For every success story like this, there are a million H-1B and L-1 frauds who come to the US to loot us blind.

This is the very rare exception. If the 5 million Indian H-1B and L-1 visa holders who have jobs in the US were all this good, then the US should have a huge tax surplus by now.

Where’s the tax surplus H-1Bs? We’re $22 trillion in debt.

And a “startup” which requires repeated “cash infusions” isn’t really successful – it’s riding on VC money – until that $ runs out. 1000s of fake “startups” hyped by Vivek Fraudhwa in the US do this – get foreign VC – pay all their workers big paychecks, siphone the paychecks out in remittances, then collapse the company and leave. Examples include Fusion Garage, and Caymas.

Take the cash infusions away and let’s see how successful you are.

Smells like another paid NASSCOM PR piece to us. NASSCOM’s PR agencies probably got this fake story into US media.