No Senator Paul, it is you who are becoming richer

How much $ are you taking from Mr. Paul to draft bills that benefit only India?

You’re a bigger traitor than Mike Lee is.

Making our enemies whose intent it is to conquer us “richer” is probably not a good idea. Appeasing our enemies will only lead to war – just as appeasing Hitler led to World War 2.

Rolls Royce even sold aircraft engines to Hitler in the 1920’s.

It appears you are an unreigstered foreign agent of the gov’t of India, Mr. Paul, since Shblah Kumar is, and you’re now working with him.

Solving India’s mass unemployment problem is more like it. Senator Paul is helping India colonize the US. We need a full investigation now.

Shalabh Kumar, left – an unregistered foreign agent of the gov’t of India, and head of operating illegally in the US. Indian president Modi, right.

The gov’t of India now controls everything from our politicians to our tech companies.

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