“This is becoming a big nuisance ever since I posted my resume on Dice and Monster, my , will phone never stops ringing. Indian name/sounding person using magic jack number is calling displaying Wyoming,New Jersey or Nebraska numbers. Will ask you to fill some forms that does ask for SSN, DOB without year and so forth. One idiot even asked for a copy of green card. These people are actually telemarketers based in India and working for some Indian recruiting agents in USA screening candidates for them. now unfortunately the story does not end here. The USA based Indian recruiters have contacts in the client IT organizations who are also from India and his/her job is to push their candidates and get a cut from recruitment fees. They collect resumes and while the interviewers from client side are also Indians, they reject many deserving candidates which is in blatant violation of Equal opportunity Law (EEOC), collectively push for hiring from India and also outsource the work to India. I had about 15 interviews in the last few months and in every interview there was an India who attitude clearly reflected rejection of my resume. This is a big racket going on in USA despite very strict EEOC laws how no one takes notice“.