Another shortage-shouting sob story.

Canada of course, is losing a record 70K jobs a month – thanks to all the fake Indian engineers flooding there from Silicon Valley.

Smells like another NASSCOM PR article to us.

“But the worst-case scenario is this: America is training the rest of the world’s workforce. Those students who receive their highly prized artificial intelligence or other top-notch scientific educations in the United States, are now finding themselves cut off from green cards”.

Well they are all industrial spies anyway. On top of educating the enemy like the morons we are, we’re also letting them into our top tech companies where they’re stealing every scrap of tech know-how they can, as displaced American workers train them on the job.

So they’re going to return home anyway, take their US degree and our industrial know-how with them.

The worst case scenario is we continue to let foreign powers steal all our companies for another 20 years.

How about we make sure US kids get first slots in our colleges and make sure we keep foreign industrial spies posing as international students out of our top companies?

That would be a saner course, instead of national suicide.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans, not foreign students.

But this snowflake is too young to even know that.