That is subversion of existing law.

Not to mention criminal collusion to fix wages, and rig labor markets.

Both are federal crimes.

Most immigration lawyers are criminals.

And of course, in this case, one is Indian, one is a Jew.

Scream racism all you want, but how come it’s usually those two races doing all this manipulation crap?

And one quote even proves H-1B is all about cheap labor.

“…but it is the startups and small companies that are supposed to be the heart of America and I don’t know how they are going to afford this.

Ah ha! Thanks for spilling the beans on the real intent of H-1B.

If your business can’t afford quality American workers, then you either 1) need to raise more capital, 2) make better products, 3) get better marketing, 4) go out of business because your biz model is not viable.

Americans can’t afford $600/mo for health insurance, $1,000,000 for a house in the bay area, or $4 gasoline, but they all have to pay it anywaythey don’t get the luxury of illegally colluding to rig market prices the way companies, immigration lawyers, and India Inc bodyshops do.

How come only some segments of the US population are allowed to illegally break the law and collude to rig markets, but most of America isn’t?

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime. The people at these law firms should all be arrested now.