If they are all super geniuses why do they all want to live in other countries and not in India?

More fear-mongering hype about how the US will lose economically if we don’t give 800,000 looters from the worst country on earth all green cards now.

In 1998 before these looters arrived, the US had a mass tax surplus, no homeless or unemployment, and zero problems.

Those are the “staggering statistics”.

The vast economic benefits India really brings to western countries. This didn’t even exist in America in 1998.

Sorry, but reality doesn’t fit with your propaganda, Indian Bazzar.

America has lost hundreds of billions in the last 20 years, thanks to looting jobs and industries by India and China.

Some fake psych major from India made up a fake report and everyone beleived it.


“70 percent of green card backlog population is seriously contemplating emigrating to a more visa friendly country”.

Except there is no more green-card friendly country in the world than the US.

Stop the lies and hype.

Silicon Valley and most tech jobs are still OCCUPIED by India Inc.

“These issues are in turn causing heath issues such as stress, fear of unknown, frustration and chronic health issues,” she said. “The findings of this study are important because these issues may contribute to burnout, low performance, lack of innovation and organizational commitment in high skilled immigrants such engineers and doctors resulting in high turnover.”

Well, that is exactly what the Indian Mafia has been doing to Americans in their own country for 2 decades.

Stop your crying, Karma is coming home to roost.

Note the invader made the report from IrelandIndian Mafia’s newest cookie jar target.

Traitor Hillary Clinton who is now chancellor at Belfast University is behind it, of course.

So the looter who made the fake report is in Ireland – most likely working with the traitor to target all white Irish skilled tech workers for removal from the Irish workforce.

It’s how the Indian Mafia rolls.

Of course the looter is a “PhD Researcher” – a codeword for an industrial thief looter here to rob the west.


Here’s a link to her bullshit propaganda report:



She’s also involved with the University of Limerick, Ireland.

This is how the criminal racist Indian Mafia targets white countries for invasion and takeover – with their sky-is-falling lies in fake reports designed to scare people into letting them in.

Both AMD and Intel have huge operations in Ireland. So does Apple.

And Indian job robbers want those jobs.