A reader sent us this:

“This recruiter cheated me while I was with Databoss International New Jersey.

He acted as CEO and did fake signatures.

He disappeared from the linked after chat.

Surprisingly HR American I see her in office doing crime along with them”.

Our reader informs us the company did not pay salaies, did IRS fraud, other gov’t form fraud, and other crimes.

IRS/ICE/DHS needs to investigate them now.

Employer details Title Office Phone Mobile Email FAX
Suneel Sawant CEO Not available 908-644-3366 Not available 732-655-7010
Rocky Jones(Raja). India office original name vrajasekhar Operations Manager 732 605 4058   rocky@databosscorp.com  
Tina Andrews.  New Jersey, USA Office Hr Manager 732-253-0126, 732-605-4061   Hr@databosscorp.com  
Ramesh Vendra   Not available 302-981-4901 vvendra@gmail.com  
Raj Vendra Attorney of DATABOSS INTERNATIONAL Corp. 732-540-4500 617-308-8010 rvendra@gmail.com  
Hari India Office Accounts 732-856-5005 ext 104   accounts@databosscorp.com  
Keerthi.  Invoice Techmatrixinc India Office Invoice team 732-666-0044, 732-605-4061, 732-666-0082   timesheets@techmatrixinc.com  
Company Details       invoices@techmatrixinc.com  
FED ID: 47-1263294          
525 Milltown Road, Suite 207, North Brunswick, NJ 08902       info@databosscorp.com