Oh yeah – they sure are contributing to America’s economy.

One Indian Mafia ripple in your company can send shockwaves through an entire economy.

Just ask 150 employees @ Precision Castparts in OR who just lost their jobs because of fraud HCL Technologies software fails which shut down 737 MAX production and killed 347 people.

Better, faster, fail fake India Inc workers have caused layoffs all over America thanks to the former Indian CIO of Boeing sending all the jobs to his Indian Mafia buddies over at failureshop HCL

India Inc tentacles run deep in corporate America now, and this is the result.

No wonder the India Inc Boeing CIO just got fired last week.

Indian Mafia tentacles are inside all major US corporations destroying everything in sight.

When will America finally say enough to Indian Mafia invasion? When the last US company is gone?


Indian Mafia HCL CEO who illegally provided below-prevailing wage $9/hr H-1B engineers to Boeing. Fake frauds who couldn’t do the work. Why hasn’t he been prosecuted?

Canned former Boeing CIO and Indian Mafia infiltrator Vishweet Uddanwadiker presided over the outsourcing to HCL $9/hr fake Indian engineers who caused the software fails on 737 MAX, killing 347 people. Boeing finally had the good sense to fire him into oblivion. The dumb fired Boeing MBA CEO got conned by this fraud and then the CEO got fired too. But not before he made off with $27 million in pay.

We are witnessing the dismantling and destrucion of the USA.