Another traitor in our gov’t – Donna Shalala (D) FL.

The Indian Mafia has gotten to another congressperson and got her to sponsor a new bill to allow Indians to take most of the green cards.

There is no backlog – these people are all Y2K visa overstayers. They created the fake backlog by not going home when promised.

Race-based laws are illegal in the US. But that is what this bill is.

The last time we heard “American competitiveness” was when the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act was passed under then president Bill Clinton – which flooded the US with millions of H-1B and L-1 cheap labor workers.

The result?

China and India were let in, they promptly stole most of our industry and moved it back to Asia, and didn’t pay any taxes – bankrupting the US and driving us $23 trillion into debt.

Sen. Diane Feinstein even testified before congress to that fact.

When you hear “American Competitiveness” hold on to your wallet.

China and India have eaten our lunch for the past 22 years. China is now surpassing us – thanks to getting their industrial spies into the US under the guise of “skilled guest workers”.

China’s generals are over there laughing at how dumb we are to allow this saying “We can’t believe what we are getting away with“.

These looters caused both the 2002 and 2008 collapses in the US and are about to cause another one.

Not exactly keeping America competitive now are they?

They always name these bills to sound good when in fact, they are killing us.

Treachery is India’s middle name.

We need a full investigation into Donna Shalala and where her funding is coming from.

Like Zoe Lofgren and Mike Lee, she’s almost certainly taking illegal foreign collusion $ from India’s NASSCOM, USIN-PAC, and other unregistered foreign agents.

IEEE has been taken over by Indian Mafia now too.

How is it congresspeople can pass race-based bills in America?

As Han Solo once said: “Where do they dig up these old fossils”?,IEEE-USA:+The+Organization+for+U.S.+IEEE+Members,IEEEUSA&utm_source=facebook,linkedin,twitter

WASHINGTON (10 December 2019) – On Friday, U.S. Representative Donna Shalala (D-Fla.) announced she has introduced legislation to resolve one of the biggest problems currently facing our immigration system: inadequate amounts of green cards available for high-skill immigrants”.

They’re not high-skilled. They kill nearly every company they touch and steal US trade secrets. Not to mention get illegally trained by Americans when they arrive.

Why is India allowed to manipulate our laws?

Most of our pols are colluding with foreign powers.

UT Senator Mike Lee mobbed by Indians to support S.386.

Unregistered foreign agent Rand Paul operating with India’s

Sarvesh Dharayama who went to prison for bribery for 12 years in NY seen with NJ governor Chris Christie.

Unregistered foreign agent Sanjay Puri of USIN-PAC, right, an agent of the Indian gov’t of Modi. USIN-PAC is an illegal foreign colluder of a foreign gov’t operating on US soil.