So much for 71% – and now Indian CEO-run, IBM being saved by the Indian Mafia. The opposite is happening.

Over 20 years of India Inc invasion of IBM is killing it. No real products, empty cloud hype, multiple lawsuits for failed projs from states over $100 mil each.

No company can survive this.

Looks like all that….. brainpower…. isn’t performing as promised, Mr. Trump.

“IBM’s new CEO is Arvind Krishna, formerly head of the Cognitive Computing unit — IBM’s cloud guy. Except Cognitive Computing was never really cloud. Cognitive has been a mishmash of cloud, supported by revenue streams that are anything but cloud. It’s cloud in name only and will be the part that goes next summer, possibly with Mr. Krishna still at its head”.

Inside IBM today, it’s nearly all Indians. Why do we continue to import them when they’re not performing as promised?