Ah, the Indian Mafia has manipulated the US gov’t again – by winning this case it invalidated the Neufield Memo – which as started in 2010 to require the India Inc fraud staffing companies to get a letter from their clients proving they actually had work.

Now the Indian Mafia has gotten rid of that requirement.

Now India Inc can file for unlimited fake H-1Bs and the gov’t cannot ask them to prove they are real and that there is actual work to be done.

This is unbelievable.

The Indian Mafia organized crime shops have unlimited free reign over the US gov’t and no one can question a thing they do.

The Indian Mafia demands unlimited H-1Bs for their racist invaders. And they know how to get it – any way they can.

Indian Mafia organized crime now rules the US. Even the US gov’t is powerless against them.

We need an investigation to see if the judge was bribed by these criminals.

itserve.org – a racist 100% Indian Mafia organized crime RICO syndicate. We need investigations now.