Their typical claim that they started migrating to the US starting in the 1960’s and built Silicon Valley is debunked by none other than the Migration Policy Institute.

Indians did not begin to migrate to the US in large numbers until 2001 – after the 2nd of the huge H-1B visa increases were passed. The tech boom was nearly a decade long by then.

The historical fact is white Americans built Silicon Valley. Indians are mere parasites off the backs of Americans.

Even so, the article is still full of lies. As of 1990 there were still very very few Indians in the US and Silicon Valley. Even by the late 1990’s there still weren’t that many. In 1998 Silicon Valley was still mostly white Americans. The flood started in 2001-2002. These people have never built anything.

In 1960, just 12,000 Indian immigrants lived in the United States, representing less than 0.5 percent of the 9.7 million overall immigrant population”.

Migration from India swelled between 1965 and 1990 as a series of legislative changes removed national-origin quotas”.

Lies. There were very few Indians in the US from 1965-1998.

“introduced temporary skilled worker programs”

The H-1B program wasn’t started until 1990 and the caps were not raised until 1998 and 2001.

“and created employment-based permanent visas”.

Almost none of which were in Silicon Valley. We know – we were there. Not until 2001 and later.

“In 2016, Indians were the top recipients of high-skilled H-1B temporary visas and were the second-largest group of international students in the United States”.

Of course they are. They’re parasites who sniff out money like your dog sniffs out a steak on your dinner table.

This article is just more propaganda – probably cooked up by India’s NASSCOM. Trying to take credit for other peoples’ work – as usual.

Stealing Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley was 90% white Americans until 1998-2001.