These looters will make up any lie to explain why America needs them. 3,000 H-1B scientists @ NASA, coronavirus doctors, researchers, you name it.


The Indian Mafia sure doesn’t want the average American figuring out that it’s flying all these H-1B visa workers in from Asia that is infecting the US.

Brought to you by the same looters who named their bill “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act” – S.386 – even though that bill would give most green cards to Indians if passed.

Let’s call it deflectionary hype – and Indians are masters at it.


Gotta cover their tracks lest Americans catch on to what they’re really doing in America.

USA is not your cookie jar. It’s not Americans’ fault you can’t make your own country work. India’s circumstances are not random – you are the cause of your own trouble. Stop blaming other countries and man up.

And their Photoshop skills really suck too.

S.386 if passed would penalize all other immigrants on their national origin.

Ten million American tech workers have been traumatized by the Indian Mafia targeting them out of their jobs in their own country.

Stop your sob stories and go fix India if you are so brilliant.

You’re in a 100 year wait because you got into the US on an H-1B temporary work visa for Y2K work and didn’t go home in 2003 when it ended as promised. You and your army of 10 million Indian looters caused the green card backlog which doesn’t exist.