The New (Forced) Frugality

Mortgage Lenders Demand Fed Bailout

CFTC Quietly Bails Out Capital One

US Mint Shut Down by Corona

Peter Schiff Warns “Americans Are In For A Rude Awakening”

Rabobank: “Policy Awe Is Behind Us While Sheer Economic Shock Is About To Overwhelm Markets”

Jim Grant Warns Fed’s ‘All-In’ Actions Are A “Clear-And-Present-Danger” To US Creditors

Oil Hovers Just Above 18 Year Low After Putin-Trump Hold Phone Call

Amazon, Instacart Workers Plan Strikes Today

Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey Crashes To Lowest Level Ever

Fed’s Faustian Bargain: “We’re Experiencing The End-Game Of The Great Debt Super-Cycle”


Harvard Researchers Propose “Intermittent” Lockdowns And “Widespread Surveillance” Of Americans

The “Small” Business Administration Is Now Bigger Than Walmart


Elon Musk Says “Many Doctors Are Not Treating Patients” Due To Fear Of COVID-19

British Scientific Advisors: China Covering Up Full Extent Of Virus, Could Be 40 Times Worse Than Reported

Nancy Pelosi Encouraged Large Groups To Congregate In Chinatown

‘Dark Money’ Groups & Super PACs Target Trump With Multi-Million Dollar Coronavirus Ad Campaign

Schweizer: Sens. Burr, Feinstein, Loeffler Dumped Stock Before Coronavirus Market Collapse

FDA Gives Emergency Authorization of Hydroxychloroquine Use

Kunstler: When Americans Wake From The Corona-Coma, This Will Be A Different Country

Gov. Abbot Orders Texas State Troopers To Enforce Quarantine At Louisiana Border

London’s Khan Insisted Crowded Tube Posed ‘No Risk’

Rivera Compares Trump to Gen. Patton: ‘Epic’ Coronavirus Response ‘Is Getting the Job Done’

Trump: GPS Tracking for Coronavirus ‘A Bit Severe’; National Stay at Home Order Unlikely

India Showers Hundreds Returning Home with Chemical Disinfectants

USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue: ‘The Real Modern-Day Heroes’ Are Farmers, Ranchers, Truckers, Supermarket Workers

U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Hit 2,000 After Doubling in Two Days

Twitter Forces Laura Ingraham to Delete Post on Chloroquine Helping Coronavirus Patients

Actress Rita Wilson Thanks God for Good Health And Dubs Herself a ‘Covid 19 Survivor’

Netanyahu Under Isolation After Aide Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Bolsonaro: ‘We’re All Going to Die,’ Take Coronavirus ‘like a Man’

Twitter Removes Bolsonaro’s Tweets About Chinese Virus

Katherine Schwarzenneger begs L.A. Mayor to Shut Down Farmer’s Markets

NRA, Second Amendment Foundation Sue Los Angeles Mayor over Coronavirus Gun Control

Houston Mayor Pleads with Criminals to ‘Chill’ Until Coronavirus Pandemic Over

Coronavirus: Tampa Bay Pastor Arrested for Holding Church Service

Coronavirus shows U.S. not so exceptional

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

Cosby lawyers to seek early release because of pandemic

India shutdown leaves throngs of migrant workers stranded

Actor Mark Blum dead at 69 From Coronavirus

Rocker Alan Merrill, ‘I Love Rock and Roll’ Co-Writer, Dies at 69 of Coronavirus

Pope Francis Warns of ‘Viral Genocide’ from Coronavirus


US Prepares to Block TSMC From Shipping to Huawei

Pompeo blasts China over coronavirus ‘disinformation’

Asian airlines need government support now as situation spirals

Coronavirus and low prices dash Chinese oil majors’ plans for 2020

China Created a Fail-Safe System to Track Contagions. It Failed.

Coronavirus crisis to slam economies in Asia: World Bank

Coronavirus alters China’s political scorecard ahead of pivotal 2022


New train station building opens at JR Harajuku Station in Tokyo

New maglev bullet train car nearing testing phase

Tokyo Olympics rescheduled for July 23-Aug. 8 in 2021

Window closes for Japan Inc. to bring back expats

Is Japan listening? Stay-home request heeded, but not by all

Panic buying in Japan lifts February retail sales

Fukushima sandbags found to be radioactive


Backblaze Hits 1 Exabyte of Storage

Resident Evil 3 Remake Drops