Boeing has to do a PR stunt like this.

They can’t take billions in bailouts, fire Americans, and hire more H-1B $9/hr fake India Inc HCL engineers without an uproar.

So they’ll look like they’re trying to do something nice.

But the real goal is to get rid of every last American worker so they can be replaced.

Coronavirus is a great excuse to do so.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

“When Boeing requested a $60 billion bailout from the US government a few weeks ago, the implicit assumption was that the company may get some of this funding as long as the chronic stock repurchaser did not engage in layoffs. That, however, did not stop the brilliant financial alchemists at the aerospace giant who for the past 7 years turned debt lead into buyback gold, and instead of issuing a record amount of pink slips, Boeing generously offered voluntary buyouts to its entire staff of 161,000, in a bid to shed costs and adapt the massive manufacturer to a coronavirus crisis that could depress the aircraft market for years”.

What technology would that be? $9/hr for fake India Inc engineers who drive planes into the ground?