“Not now Sanjay, I’m busy wrecking Xcode”.

Well, now Apple has caught the dreaded disease known as India Inc.

It takes a while for the Indian Mafia to destroy a company the size of Apple, but it will happen.

Just ask Boeing.

Once you let these looters in the door, it’s lights out. May take a while, but it’s lights out.

They’re salivating over Apple’s stash.

And 100,000’s of American engineers are available that could do the same work for $50/hr while the Indian Mafia looters are charging Apple $120/hr and raking $70 bucks an hour off the top of each contractor. These people never should have been let into America.


No wonder quality is slipping at Apple.

Apple is doomed, long term.

Mr. Premji, it’s clear that it is India which does not have the talent.

Apple is like a giant gleaming golden cookie jar to India, and every last one of them want to loot it to the ground.

So much for Indians being the smartest people in the world, and brainpower the US can’t do without.



“The group involves a number of contracting firms including Wipro, Infosys, and Accenture that are bidding for projects from Apple, the excerpt published by BuzzFeed reads. The constant negotiations and fighting to take on projects has led to what one former employee describes as a “Game of Thrones nightmare.

The contracting firms all offer bids to work on projects, with Apple typically deciding the winning bid based on how cheap it is for Apple itself. The focus on staffing and maximizing the numbers of roles for each firm has led to a culture that former IS&T contractor Archana Sabapathy suggests is like “there’s a Cold War going on every single day.”

They’re just fighting for the roles,” Sabapathy explained. “That’s all they care about, not the work, not the deliverables, the effort the put in, or even talent. They’re not looking for any of those aspects.”

The constant battle has led to an uncertain and combative atmosphere, where typical workplace relationships are not possible due to the needs for contractor firm loyalty, as well as the constantly shifting contracting teams.

The bidding process also leads to lower-quality contractors than the projects typically require. Consulting companies are being paid between $120 and $150 per hour for a contractor’s work, according to Sabapathy, while the contractor themselves get $40 to $55 per hour.

This results in a lower quality of work produced, Apple employees told the author, with many claiming to have needed to rewrite code for projects that ship to Apple in a broken state. “The engineering quality is extremely lackluster,” one anonymous employee suggested to a Quora query, who was “shocked” to see how the projects were designed and developed”.

Well, there you have it folks. The verdict is in: India is mass looting America’s companies. We get destroyed companies, Indian conmen make off with billions of our cash.

And Americans could be doing it ourselves – much better, and much cheaper than India is.

What we are doing America is just taking billions out of our best companies and just throwing it down this fake India Inc IT rathole. BILLIONS. That money could have gone to US workers who would save it or spend it into the economy. If the workers in question are L-1 visa workers, it also means they’re not paying any taxes on that pay – which is why the US is now $22 $24 trillion in debt.

All to satisfy the ego of some failed loser 3rd world nation.

Wake up America.

What a horrific shame. Steve is rolling over in his grave. And it is all for nothing.

Are you really going to let India destroy America’s crown jewel Mr. Trump? Mr. Cook?

US companies fill up with H-1Bs, down they go.

Smartest people in the world – at deceiving America and wrecking her companies, that is. Isn’t that right Mr. Premji? These people have to be kicked out of the US immediately. Shut down all India Incs, or you will perish, America.