India now controls most western gov’ts. India is trying very hard to capture the US presidency as well by placing US-born Indian agents in US elections. Joe Biden is one of them.

Bribery is common way of life in India, and they’re bribing most western pols, including US politicians.

And the scandal goes much deeper and is much more serious than the article reveals., USIN-PAC, NASSCOM, Immigration Voice, and other agents and orgs bribe the US and Canadian gov’ts to maintain a defacto open borders policy so Indians can flood western countries with millions of their remittance-hungry workers.

And this is happening at the highest levels of the Indian gov’t – with Modi and previous Indian prime ministers paying off gov’ts to do their bidding.

Have a look at USIN-PAC‘s website to see just how many US presidential candidates are being back by that Indian lobby.

We must outlaw all foreign lobbying now.

Canadian politicians were targets of Indian intelligence covert influence operation: document

Modi even has Indian unregistered foreign agents in the Joe Biden campaign.

Indian Mafia owns US Senator Mike Lee. Total foreign corruption.

Indian Mafia stalks and harasses Senator Dick Durbin to do their bidding on S386 – a racist Indian-first law.

Unregistered foreign agent Sanjay Puri, president of USIN-PAC – a Modi agent of the gov’t of India.

Unregistered foreign agent Shalabh Kumar of the owns many US politicians as these photos show. Totally illegal under US FARA laws.