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Well, well, well.

How convenient for India.

And for its agenda of invading and colonizing the US silently.

The American people cannot get justice because it doesn’t matter whom they vote for – most US politicians are now run by foreign powers – namely India + China.

CA Congressman Ro Khanna is a perfect example.

You may recall that Mr. Khanna got enraged when UC Davis prof. Norm Matloff, PhD brought up the H-1B in a debate with him years back.

Khanna doesn’t want the real invasion and takeover of Silicon Valley by India exposed.

In fact, he is one of its enablers.

Now Khanna will be advising Trump on the CVOID-19 mess.

We all know what that advice will be: US needs Indians, we run and staff all your tech companies, Americans are too dumb, and if you get rid of us, all your companies and the stock market will collapse. Indians are saving Americans from COVID-19, etc etc.

The usual lies.

The reality is these people are agents of the Modi gov’t of India.

India has its agents in most US politics now. Even Congress and the presidency are being taken over by them.

India’s ultimate goal is to put one of its agents in as the President of the US. It has been working on that feverishly for a long time.

Modi even has an agent in the Biden campaign now.

Most of our pols are taking cash from India + China.

Just more proof that the gov’t of India and it’s foreign agents now run America.

And that is why the American people will never get justice.


“Already, we have seen that America was too dependent for crucial medical equipment and electronics on China, Germany and other nations. Like Eisenhower did during the Cold War, we can reshape the future of American industry to rebuild our economy if we harness the power of American innovation,” he said”.

No mention that Silicon Valley is too dependent on H-1Bs from India now. And that Asian workers flying in to rob jobs from Americans brought the virus to the US. More of the usual “innovation” hype-speak out of Indians.

These people are job robbers here to loot us. We’re being played.

Khanna is also calling for an immediate restart of US funding for the WHO – which the US has been throwing $450 million a year away on instead of using the $ to help America’s homeless and unemployed.

Even worse, Khanna sits on the United States House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces. Imagine the nightmare of having foreign agents of another gov’t “advising” a US president to dismantle US nuclear weapons. It would be a death blow to America.

But that is exactly what foreign gov’ts and their agents are aiming to do, eventually.

If India should suceed in eventually getting one of their agents installed in the White House, American cannot survive.

Modi has an Indian agent in the Joe Biden 2020 campaign too – and agents all over the US gov’t as the USIN-PAC website shows.