Robert Reich quote: The dirty little secret is that both houses of ...

Spoken like a true communist.

Probably should have mentioned, Reich, that you were Secretary of Labor while Alan Greenspan was the head of The Fed – and that you both destroyed America’s economy with the combination of easy credit + cheap foreign labor.

The man who flooded the US with cheap foreign labor as labor secretary in the 1990’s just won’t give up. He’s a died-in-the-wool communist and is still pushing his communist agenda.

Of course, it’s a lie – most of America is conservative – except on the wacked out coasts which have gone suicidal commie insane.

From’s Riech’s propaganda pulpit as a professor @ UC Berkeley America might look radical, but to most of the nation, Reich is the radical.

These communist-agenda professors teaching in our colleges is one of the major reason we cannot win this battle – new generations are being turned out of our schools full of communist ideals. And we’re doing absolutely nothing to oppose them,

We need to bring back the House Un-American Activities Commitee, investigate every professor @ every college in the US, and remove every single one of them who is a communist such as Reich.

Millenials, if this man + Alan Greenspan hadn’t wrecked the US economy, you wouldn’t be living with your parents still. America was booming before these monsters got their hands on our economy and shipped it all to Asia.

Isn’t that right, Billy Jeff? Go ahead and deny it, we know you, and Greenspan, and Reich shipped all of America’s industries and jobs to China + India in the 1990’s.