Yes it is that bad.

In fact, it is far worse than even Michelle and Sara Blackwell realize.

While both are champions of exposing the H-1B fraud and takeover racket, and the Indian Mafia, neither has worked in Silicon Valley or in tech, so neither knows the depth of what goes on there.

The rabbit hole goes far deeper than even the most well-informed Americans know.

India + China are deliberately keeping Americans, and in particular white Americans, out of the tech workforce – all the while stealing our jobs and companies and moving them back to India + China.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Silicon Valley is America’s crown jewel and nothing is being done to save it from these predatory nations.

If Apple were to disappear tomorrow, what would happen to the stock market?

The wholesale loot and theft of American tech is without precdent in US and possibly world history. Unless this is stopped, America will not survive.

We will be siphoned and then conquered, once we can no longer make the things and tech we need for defense.

Our enemies have tricked us into thinking they are our friends.

The scale and depth of the destruction this is wreaking on American workers and the US economy is beyond what anyone would believe.

“These Americans are so dumb. Just walk in and take their jobs”.

Racist Wipro has offices all over America and only hires Indians.

If you are not Indian, you will never work in Silicon Valley again.

India Inc regularly places its agents inside top US companies so they can be stolen, their jobs moved to India, and so their trade secrets can be stolen so they can be used in Indian + Chinese companies.

India already has contol of Microsoft, Google, IBM, Adobe, and Cisco, and will soon have control of Apple. All of those companies were built by Americans. In the future, once India controls all information technology, it will be used to enslave Americans.