Odd, we put men on the moon, invented every modern industry, and all of Silicon Valley and the internet without them.

The US has collasped after 22 years of importing millions of H-1Bs.

We had a tax surplus in 1998 before the invasion began. Not any more.

America and Silicon Valley were booming before you started invading in 2000. It has been nothing since collapse since then!!!!

Looks like NASSCOM got to Kakook too. Another puppet mouthpiece of NASSCOM and the Modi gov’t.

Note the way Kakook shifts in his chair as he starts his NASSCOM propaganda speech.

I am Dr. Michio Kaku: a physicist, co-founder of string theory ...

Ok doc: how much $ are you taking from NASSCOM?

Bribery is a way of life in India.

Americans invented Silicon Valley – not fake Indian engineers.

Looters are destroying America. We were booming and the envy of the world before these thieves came in and robbed us.

Google and Silicon Valley were created by Americans and booming long before you thief frauds got here.

If you are the brains of the world then why are Americans training you?

Stop the lies, you fraud.

Who built Silicon Valley? Not Indians. White Americans did. Indian invaders merely took it over.

Oh yeah – forget about Silicon Valley – since Indians claim to have created it.