The Indian Mafia always gets its way.


India now dictates US gov’t policy – no matter what.

If the Indian Mafia doesn’t get what it wants, it sues the US gov’t.

How is it that temporary guest workers on H-1Bs – 100% of them from India – can come into the US, start 100% EEOC-violating RICO shops such as ITServe Alliance, and then lobby/sue the gov’t to dictate H-1B policy.

In this case, the USCIS memo said that Indian mafia staffing companies had to actually prove the illegals they are placing @ 3rd party companies actually had real work.

That memo has now been invalidated.

The Indian Mafia can now file for and place its illegal H-1B workers who are illegally brought into the US in violation of Title 8 at 3rd party companies, unrestricted – and they no longer have to to prove they even actually have work.

India Mafia now controls America – and the US gov’t.

“On March 10, 2020, U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer ruled that key U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services memos and policies were unlawful. In ITServe Alliance v. L. Francis Cissna, the judge focused on USCIS policies interpreting an employer-employee relationship and an itinerary rule/short term approvals of H-1B petitions”.

“USCIS did not release a statement on the settlement, but ITServe Alliance and its members were pleased. “Our members employ thousands of employees in the U.S.,” said ITServe Alliance board member Deepali Khadakban. “This judgment and settlement will help enable us to keep the projects, work and tax dollars in the United States. We need that to happen now more than ever.”


These people bring in H-1Bs, get them trained at US companies, then send those employees right back to India were costs are much cheaper. The article (and the court) also failed to notice that “benching” H-1B workers (keeping them in the US without pay) is illegal. H-1B law also states that if an H-1B worker’s assignment ends, they must leave the US within 60 days. Keeping them in the US – even with pay – longer is illegal.

The judge is clearly wrong in this case, but as usual, Indian Mafia always gets its way.

Also not mentioned is that every one of the “employees” placed at client companies are Indians – a clear EEOC violation.

ITServe Alliance is really an illegal Indian-only RICO organized crime syndicate which only hires Indians – 100% of them. That is illegal under Federal law. Most of its “member companies” only hire Indians also – since most of its “member companies” are India Inc staffing companies. What a rigged system. How is it temporary guest workers from India can come into the US and even form such racist illegal organizations? They don’t look too “temporary’ to us.